Design responsive & UX/UI rich template for website. (Test)

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Posted: February 16, 2019

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Contest Brief

HTML5 responsive template with rich UX and UI for a brilliant user experience. Expected format and features of the template:

1. 100% responsive.
2. Full width navigation bar.
3. Logo on left top.
4. Two navigation bar types:
4.1 Non-logged in users: Login (username + password + GO button) in NAV bar.
4.2 Logged in users: User profile image(square thumbnail) + Username with dropdown
5. Body should have 4 [RegionAD1 + Main Body + RegionAD2] split by proportion [5% – 90% – 5%] RegionAD# is for displaying ADS
6. Left aligned VERTICAL tabs: 5 tabs with switchable content
7. Standard Footer – 4 columns
8. Color Scheme:
Primary Buttons: #0faf71 or #7FC280 or #51A351
Navbar color: Grey / Mild grey/ Gradient Gray
Body bg: 1 shade visibly lighter than navbar color
9. Font Schema:
Ubuntu, Ubuntu Condensed, Segoe UI with fallback font as Calibri, Verdana, Trebuchet MS, Arial
10. All CSS to be included on top & JS import to be towards end of HTML page. CSS & JS should be provided with minified versions.
11. Compatibility: Should be compatible with IE7 and above. All major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc., should be supported.

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