About Us

About Us

RoleSpot is an online platform that seamlessly connects talent and opportunity on-demand. We aggregate, vet, and showcase job ready candidates via our online platform so that businesses can find and hire amazing talent in the fastest way possible.

Businesses that use RoleSpot see improvements in speed, quality, compliance and cost in comparison to other more conventional consultancies and recruitment agencies.

Candidates registered on our platform get access to exclusive job opportunities posted on our site or via employers who can contact them directly based on information within their anonymous career profile (i.e. personal details withheld).

RoleSpot is currently in its infancy stage with a number of core features already released. Over the coming months our team will be working on significantly refining our product offering so we can deliver on our mission of connecting talent and opportunity in the most seamless way possible.

Role Spot works on a:

1. Fee per hour or fee per hire arrangement similar to a Labour Hire or Recruitment agency; or

2. Software as a Service (SaaS) fee arrangement if a client wishes to use and embed our platform and relevant modules into their business.

RoleSpot is proudly built by Heaton Rail to improve on what we already do extremely well as an agency. Visit www.heaton.com.au to discover more about what we do.

Mission and Vision

We connect talent and opportunity within the rail industry!

Our Vision is to facilitate the advancement of the rail industry globally and establish a new standard for products and services in rail. In addition to this and with our huge investment in people and technology we are looking to reshape the future of contingent labour within rail and other heavy industries by using technology to bring talent and opportunity together in the most seamless way possible.


1. Safety

Safety is ingrained into our culture and is our number one priority before anything else.

2. Communication

No BS. Honest and open communication with all dealings.

3. Quality

Promise and deliver. Always ensure customer requirements are met.

4. Integrity

Do the right thing even when no one is watching.

5. Value

Always provide value for money and add value to any works undertaken.