About us

"We use Uber to reach our destination, Airbnb to book a holiday rental, eBay to shop, bank digitally and even search, find and book a doctor online. Why should finding and hiring candidates, contractors and consultants into your team be any different?"

RoleSpot is the fastest way for companies to find and hire the best engineers, managers, specialists, admin, and other professional talent within rail.

Our platform aggregates and vets top talent from every possible source including our own staff, job seekers, retirees, contractors, consultants, and even other businesses with underutilised workers, and enables companies to directly find, contact and hire them in the fastest way possible 24/7 via our desktop and mobile web app.

The idea for RoleSpot was born in 2018 through various experiences we had with rail businesses who needed to fill short- and medium-term roles urgently. Unfortunately, options they had were limited to their network which didn’t provide the best speed, quality, compliance and value for money.

When we spoke to businesses about our idea, they were screaming for a solution like this which would allow them respond better to influxes of work whilst having access to a bigger, better and more diversified talent pool that was accessible 24/7 and at the tip of their fingers.

Following some successful initial trials to test the viability of our idea and identify key features that would be essential to both our customers and our talent network, we spent over a year building RoleSpot with our dedicated tech team.

Over the past 6 months we have been using RoleSpot in our existing business, Heaton Rail, which has helped us do more, faster and better for both our customers and talent network.

Our team are now working on progressively releasing our platform to the Australian market.

RoleSpot, is founded and operated by Heaton Rail, a business that undertakes work both locally and internationally for some of the world’s best rail companies that make a positive difference to millions of people’s lives every day.

Our Mission

Connect rail businesses with bright and passionate talent on demand

Our Vision

To be your trusted partner for people



Safety is ingrained into our culture and is our number one priority before anything else.


No BS. Honest and open communication with all dealings.


Promise and deliver. Always ensure customer requirements are met.


Do the right thing even when no one is watching.


Always provide value for money and add value to any works undertaken.