About Us

Our Why

“RoleSpot is the fastest way to find and engage top professionals in Rail on a contract basis.

Our platform aggregates and vets top talent from every possible source including our own staff, job seekers, retirees, contractors, consultants, and even other businesses with underutilised workers, and enables companies to directly find, contact and hire them in the fastest way possible 24/7 via our desktop and mobile web app.

RoleSpot was started because we saw first-hand the transformation of the workplace as we know it. COVID accelerated this transformation beyond what we could have ever imagined.

Companies want to easily scale up and down their teams to work around workload peaks and troughs without just using an “approved supplier” that provides a subpar service whilst charging an arm and a leg.

On the flip side, we as humans are wanting more interesting work that fits around our life – Whether that means working a few days a week, few months a year, at the office, at home, a mix, or even completely remotely on an island in Fiji (with good internet of course!). We stand for leading this movement.

Our why is not that we create technology to replace human beings, but for it to be an enabler to bring the best people together to do amazing things.”

Stefan Heaton, Founder – RoleSpot

Our Mission

Connect rail businesses with bright and
passionate talent on demand

Our Vision

To be your trusted partner for people

Our Values


Safety is ingrained into our culture and is our number one priority before anything else.


No BS. Honest and open communication with all dealings.​


Promise and deliver. Always ensure customer requirements are met.​


Do the right thing even when no one is watching.


Always provide value for money and add value to any works undertaken

What Differentiates Us

Industry Experts

Our highly experienced team have a deep understanding of Rail and other heavy industries which helps us deliver on your requirements even when others cant.

Market Leading Technology

We use the latest tech in all areas of our business. This includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robot Process Automation (RPA) that helps us, and our clients do more, better, and faster.

World Class Service

We go above and beyond to deliver a truly world class service. From safety, quality, speed and value, we leave no stone unturned in service delivery and excellence.

People First - Technology Enabled

Our people and talent network are truly our most important resource. As the famous old saying goes, “a railway is 95% people and 5% iron”!

Trusted Partners

We are trusted by and work in partnership with rail businesses big and small around Australia to help acquire and retain their most important assets, the people.